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This beautiful museum is set in the Shivalik Hills. It is a memorial to the struggles and accomplishments of Dr. Diwan Singh Kalepani, a poet, healer, and a freedom fighter. The museum has beautifully manicured gardens and a state of the art interior. It was built by his son, Mohindar Singh Dhillon, with the guidance of designer Amar Behl, and generous contributions from family and friends. A lot of thought was given to the design of the museum. Mr. Dhillon used Dr. Diwan Singh’s famous poem, the flowing waters (Wagde Pani), to come up with a concept where the guests feel like they are flowing through the life this great man. 

The museum is divided into five main sections:
First section is called Timeline. It shows life of Dr. Diwan Singh in brief, important events in India and world during those days. There is a television monitor that plays a documentary on his life.                             
The second section is on Panjabiat. This section highlights his love for Punjab, its language and literature. It shows his writings and his interaction with the famous literary figures of that time. 
The third section is dedicated to his Faith. He was a devout Sikh who had respect for all other religions. It flows into the construction of a Gurudwara with labour of love by all residents of Port Blair. He established it as meeting place for all sections of Indians and also conducted classes for children. 
The fourth section deals with his Humanism. As a doctor who always served suffering people and worked on uplifting their life by opening schools libraries, his social interactions with the local prisoners and their families is shown here. 
The last section depicts his Nationalism. He was a follower of Gandhi's nonviolence and the president of the Indian Independence League in the Andamans. IT shows his life of truth, his torture by the Japanese and his ultimate sacrifice. 
The museum also contains a wing which includes a library and additional archives from the early 1900's. 

​​​Shaheed Dr. Diwan Singh Kalepani Museum

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