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Dr. Diwan Singh Kalepani (1897-1944)

Dr. Diwan Singh was a medical doctor by profession and worked for the British government. While in service of the crown, he revolted against the British imperialism. He was arrested and sent to Rangoon, Burma. From there he was transferred to the Andamans - A vast prison house also known as Kalepani (Black waters). He devoted his services to alleviating the suffering of the convicts, who passed their days in grinding poverty. He made successful experiments in educating them and embarked on meaningful social reforms and championed the cause of the downtrodden. He also was the president of the Indian Independence League in the Andamans. 

During World War II the Japanese occupied the Andaman Islands. Diwan Singh raised his voice against the atrocities committed by the Nippon occupiers. Orders of Diwan Singh's arrest were issued on 23 October 1943 and he was taken to and lodged in one of the cells of the same Cellular Jail of which, ironically enough, he previously held charge as the Chief Medical Officer. Diwan Singh was brutally tortured for an incredibly long period of eighty-two days till, ultimately, on the 14th of January 1944, he shed his mortal coil, and thus became a martyr in the cause of truth and freedom - freedom from the tyranny of first the British, and then the Japanese. 

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